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Use of Recombinant Peptide Growth Factors to Improve Antioxidant Capacity and Prevent Oxidative Damage


Recombinant peptide growth factors for the prevention of oxidative stress or damage in the gastrointestinal tract during reduced feeding.

Technical Summary

The present disclosure describes methods for minimizing oxidative damage in an animal or human during or after malnutrition, underfeeding or fasting, especially during refeeding after undernutrition or malnutrition, and for minimizing oxidant damage during or after toxicity resulting from chemotherapy, alcoholism, irradiation therapy or chemical or environmental exposure to a toxic compound. Administration of an effective amount of a gut trophic growth factor (GTGF) effective for improving gut and/or systemic antioxidant status results in improved clinical condition and/or outcome for the patient or animal to which the GTGF has been administered. In the context of the present disclosure, GTGF includes fibroblast growth factors, keratinocyte growth factor, hepatocyte growth factor, insulin-like growth factor I, glucagon, glicentin, and glucagon-like peptide.

Developmental Stage

Proof-of-principle studies in animals completed.

Patent Information
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Utility (parent) United States 09/289,259 6,335,317 4/9/1999 1/1/2001 4/9/2019 Issued
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Published: 5/11/2009

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