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Reporter Mouse


Studying the immune system; screening tool for immunotherapeutic agents; new drug development; diagnostic tool

Technical Summary

This mouse can be used as a diagnostic tool for all immune system tests performed in laboratories, and potentially can be used for rapid screening of immunotherapeutic agents. Applications could also include testing new cancer therapeutics for their ability to activate immune response  Basically, this mouse can be used in any immunological experimental paradigm in which the generation or suppression of T or B cell activation is followed.

Currently, methods to determine if cells are truly activated rely on the expression of surface proteins. Detection is then carried out by the binding of antibodies to those proteins, as well as using flow cytometry to count/characterize/separate the cells from the pool of cells being analyzed. The simple binding of antibodies to the surfaces of the cells, could in fact have consequences on the activation state of the cell. Because this activation mouse cells can be assayed without the need for antibody staining, the cells can be characterized without processing. Additionally, all treatments can be performed such that the cells are alive at the end of the procedure.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 03026
Published: 2/24/2009
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Drug Discovery

John Nicosia
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Jeremy Boss
Brian Evavold
H. Kirk Ziegler

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