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RADTOOL Flash Facts TM


Educational and reference flashcards pertaining to radioactive tracers for physicians in training and radiologists.

Key Benefits
  • Provides a new learning methodology by creating flash cards detailing radiotracer physical and chemical characteristics and distribution.
  • Helps the physician to recall essential facts for each radiotracer that may be used in everyday practice as well as for examinations.
  • Tables could also be used for calculations needing decay factors.
Market Summary

There are approximately 30,000 radiologists in the US and 20,000 new medical school students every year. Currently, there are only a few learning aid and reference tools that present detailed radiotracer information. However, such an educational and reference tool with all the important information pertaining to radioactive tracers compiled into a single, easy-to-read source would be highly beneficial for physicians, residents, and medical students alike.

Technical Summary

Radioactive tracers possess unique characteristics that take advantage of physiological pathways in the body and are used to explore the mechanism of chemical reactions by tracing the path that the radioisotope follows from reactants to products. Each radiotracer has a specific distribution which may result in an identifiable imaging characteristic. The same radiotracer can be tailored for different clinical indications by changing the route of administration and sequence of imaging. Understanding the mechanism, distribution and clearance of radiotracers may be challenging. Emory researchers created flashcards specially designed to help with understanding radiotracers. The front of the card includes basic radiotracer information: production, decay path and energy emitted, study protocol, dose, mechanism of action, distribution and clearance. The back of the card includes normal tracer distribution and clearance graphically reproduced on an outline of the human body using multiple colors. There are future plans to convert these flashcards into a software downloadable application or a website.

Developmental Stage

Flashcards have been designed, made and copyrighted.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 12113
Published: 8/20/2012

Nathanael McCurley
Assistant Director, Faculty and Start-up Service
Emory University
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