Mobile Application for Disseminating Scientific Information


Mobile software allowing new medical information and research gathered directly from scientific experts and sent to the general public.

Key Benefits

  • Information on the app is published by scientific and medical experts.
  • Alert function and one-screen format allow users to easily stay up-to-date.
  • Mobile platform provides versatility in access to scientific information.

Market Summary

As technology advances, the ability to access and share information is growing rapidly. In disciplines such as scientific research and drug development, engaging the general public is important from both educational and political perspectives. This also holds true in the healthcare sector as personalized medicine and telemedicine require an increasing level of patient involvement and awareness. Obtaining quick, accurate information is critical for patients to make well-informed decisions, especially when dealing with chronic medical conditions.

Technical Summary

Drs. Mathew and Bhatia created a mobile app that provides a way for the general public to receive current information on major scientific and medical advances, with a main focus on chronic medical conditions. Without having to access their personal doctor (or even depart from their normal routine), patients could learn about treatment options or new clinical trials. Used by clinicians, researchers, and the general public, academic experts will populate the app with accurate and accessible information about research developments that will be pushed out to the public through the mobile application, both increasing public knowledge and public engagement.

Developmental Stage

A prototype for this application is in development.

Patent Information

Tech ID: 15020
Published: 5/13/2016