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Clinically Compatible High Efficiency Stem Cell Differentiation Protocol for Endothelial Cell Generation


A clinically-compatible protocol for differentiating human stem cells into endothelial cells for cardiovascular tissue regenerative medicine.

Key Benefits
  • Provides a high yield of differentiated endothelial cells, with an efficiency of up to 97%.
  • These endothelial cells are generated using completely clinically compatible system which do not use any xenogeneic components such as animal serum or feeder cells, and utilize all the clinically-compatible defined ingredients.
  • Because these endothelial cells are fully committed and functional, they are more effective than undifferentiated stem cells or other endothelially differentiated heterogeneous cells and non-tumorigenic in regenerating cardiovascular tissues.
Market Summary

Approximately 100 million Americans are afflicted with some form of heart disease such as a heart attack, angina, and heart failure. Heart diseases often result in permanent damage of cardiovascular tissues such as blood vessels and heart muscle. Using stem cells to generate new cardiovascular tissues is a promising approach to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. The market value for regeneration products being used to treat heart and vascular diseases is expected to reach $9 billion in the United States by 2016. Thus, there is a need for new protocols that allows for stem cells to be converted endothelial cells at high yields and with low impurities in a clinically-compatible manner.

Technical Summary

This protocol employs a three-step process to convert human embryonic or adult stem cells into differentiated endothelial cells. The stem cells are first converted into mesodermal lineage cells over a period of three days. These mesodermal cells are then converted into endothelial cells over a period of eleven days. These endothelial cells are sorted to have purified endothelial cells. Once formed, these endothelial cells can be used in regenerative medicine to create new cardiovascular tissues.

Developmental Stage

This protocol has been successfully tested using human stem cells.

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Patent Information
Tech ID: 12139
Published: 6/21/2013
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John Nicosia
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Young-Sup Yoon
Shin-Jeong Lee

Cell/Gene Therapy
Regenerative Medicine