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Annuloplasty Rings for Tricuspid Valve Repair


Devices to treat tricuspid regurgitation or repair the tricuspid valve.

Key Benefits
  • Device allows for a custom fit into the patient’s existing valve.
  • Flexible device design is adjustable and allows for customization.
  • Novel method that is less invasive than currently available.
Technical Summary

This technology describes two medical devices to repair the tricuspid valve. Both devices are designed to conform to the shape of the tricuspid annulus, maintain ample coaptation, and allow good forward flow. The first device is a triangular ring made of rigid material. The edges have lengths and a curvature that forms a saddle shape and conforms to the shape and segments of the tricuspid annulus. The second device is a triangular ring that is adjustable. The acute angle between the two adjacent angles can be changed in order to facilitate independent control over the individual leaflets. Once adjusted, the ring can be fixed in place using a simple lock mechanism, allowing the surgeon to choose the right shape and size of the annuloplasty ring based on the patient’s tricuspid valve.

To repair the dysfunction of tricuspid valves, surgical techniques to repair damaged valves are preferable to valve replacement. There are currently few rings on the market that can be used to repair the tricuspid valve. These annuloplasty rings are generally made in different shapes, sizes, and mechanical properties. These rings must be surgically implanted using open-heart surgery and require the patient to be on cardiopulmonary bypass for a significant period of time. Our technology describes custom fit rings that can be implanted with a minimally invasive procedure which might lessen the post-operative risk of valve surgery and reduce patient mortality.

Patent Information
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Nationalized PCT - Foreign Canada 2,753,027   4/7/2009   4/7/2029 Pending
Nationalized PCT - Foreign EP 09730118.8   8/1/2010     Pending
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Tech ID: 08098
Published: 8/4/2011
Medical Device

Hyeon (Sean) Kim
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Sai Muralidhar Padala
Ajit Yoganathan
Vinod Thourani
Jorge Jimenez