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X-ray Structure of Neurospora SET Domain Protein DIM-5, a Histone H3 Lysine Methyltransferase


Drug design and development; research.

Technical Summary

Crystallography data are commercially used for rational drug design and for experimentally testing interactions of candidate drugs with their targets. The current invention provides the first X-ray crystal structure of a histone methyltransferase, DIM 5. DIM-5 belongs to the family of histone lysine methyltransferases and can profoundly influence gene expression. DIM-5 is also required for DNA methylation, a process often associated with cancer formation in mammals. The structure can serve as a guideline for genetic and biochemical studies of these proteins, and has the potential to greatly accelerate the discovery of new drugs targeted on these proteins.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 02072
Published: 3/26/2009
Drug Discovery

Rajsekhar Guddneppanavar
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Xiaodong Cheng
Xing Zhang