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The LIVE network: A Motivational Audio Music Program for Compliance to Antiretroviral Therapies


An audio program designed to improve patient adherence to anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

Key Benefits
  • Audio music program designed to educate and promote compliance and medication-related symptom management.
  • Improves patient self-acceptance and self-image related to ART adherence.
Market Summary

An estimated 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV infection with about 50,000 new cases occurring each year. For patients diagnosed with HIV, ART is the most commonly prescribed treatment. Despite the well-established efficacy of ART, typical adherence rates vary between 50% and 75%. For most patients, greater than 95% adherence is necessary to achieve full and durable viral suppression. Many programs have been developed to promote ART adherence ranging from educational programs to direct observation, but have yielded mixed results. The need exists for new strategies and materials to promote medication adherence at low cost to the patient.

Technical Summary

The primary goal of treatment with ART is to prevent HIV-related illness and death. However, the clinical effectiveness of ART for HIV infection depends heavily on patients' ability to adhere closely to drug regimens. There is a significant association between adherence and viral load suppression, in which nonadherence leads to the development of an antiretroviral-resistant virus, and increased HIV-related disease, mortality, and hospitalizations. An effective alternative method to improve ART adherence is still an unmet need as the existing intervention methods have produced mixed results. The LIVE network was developed to meet this need, motivating the listener to become an active participant in his or her own healthcare. The LIVE network (LN) is a 70-minute audio music program designed to educate and encourage adherence to ART and allow HIV-patients to self-manage medication related side-effects. The audio program employs a DJ talk show format to convey information about key issues important to those prescribed ART. An accompanying reference manual contains song lyrics, supplemental information and self-help guides, and a listening diary. Testing with focus groups has been positive with agreement that it provides important benefits to patients, their families, and their friends.

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Developmental Stage

The 70-minute audio CD complete with manual has been tested in three focus groups. Materials protected by copyright.

Publication: Holstad, M.M. et al. Music and Medicine, 2012.  DOI: 10.1177/1943862111433875

Patent Information
Tech ID: 11164
Published: 2/22/2012

Sarah Wilkening
Licensing Associate
Emory University
(404) 727-1969

Marcia Holstad
Ighovwerha (igho) Ofotokun
Steven Logwood
Keith Holland