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SurvivorLink: A Website for Pediatric Cancer Survivors, Their Families, & Physicians


Website for storing/sharing personal medical information between patient and physician and accessing resources regarding pediatric cancers and survivorship.

Key Benefits
  • Secure, HIPPA compliant, sharing of medical records; allows patient to control and track access to stored records.
  • Provides primary care physicians with easy-to-use references and CME modules.
  • Built off common web platform, compatible with most other web software.
  • Administration functions easy to use and manage.
Technical Summary

Nearly 80 percent of children treated for cancer are now cured of their original disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. These pediatric cancer survivors also are more likely to have long-term health complications stemming from their treatment such as osteoporosis, heart disease, lung problems, and secondary cancers. In fact, about 70 percent of pediatric cancer survivors experience later chronic health conditions. One of the greatest challenges for these patients and their primary care physicians is keeping track of the possible late effects of their treatment. Currently it falls to the survivor to provide each and every physician they contact throughout their life with a copy of their medical record and other documentation related to their treatment.

Emory investigator Anne Mertens and her colleagues have created a website and resource for both survivors and physicians which reduce this burden. SurvivorLink allows the patient to upload and store their medical records in a secure, HIPPA compliant database, share that information with their physicians by inviting them to view and then track who has viewed their records. The website also provides access to a multitude of resources including educational materials about survivorship, the latest research, and helpful links. For the physician, there are also continuing medical education modules and references specifically geared toward caring for pediatric cancer survivors and their particular needs/challenges.

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Developmental Stage
  • A fully functional, HIPPA compliant, website is available and in use by Georgia Pediatric Cancer Clinics.
  • View the website:
Patent Information
Tech ID: 11140
Published: 9/6/2011

Cliff Michaels
Assistant Director
Emory University

Ann Mertens
Lillian Meacham
Paula Edwards
Michael (Mike) Palgon
Brooke Cherven