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Recombinant Human Clonal Antibody - B/Shanghai/361/2004

  • Research tools - immunoblotting.
  • Therapeutics - transient immunization with monoclonal antibodies could provide rapid and effective protection and clearance to infectious agents such as Influenza, HIV, bioterrism threats such as anthrax, or cytolomegalovirus that is a major cause of mortality for transplant recipient.

Materials Available
  • CDR cDNA
  • Light and heavy chain expression vectors
Technical Summary

We have developed a method which can be used to rapidly identify, isolate and clone human antigen specific monoclonal antibodies. Using this method, therapeutic or diagnostic antibodies can be generated almost as rapidly as new or dangerous viral strains or infectious agents are detected. Incredibly, this method is actually faster and more efficient that producing antibodies in mice.

Using the influenza vaccine as a source of antigens during the development of this method, we have generated over 50 high affinity human monoclonal antibodies. This compares to only several similar reagents generated over the past thirty years. The entire process, from antigen presentation to antibodies isolation and cloning, can be accomplished in just 21 days.

Single ASCs are isolated by flow cytometry from donors immunized with antigen of interest. Single B cells are sorted and the variable genes are then cloned into expression vectors and expressed with IgG constant regions in the 293A human cell line.

Publication: Wrammert J, et al., Nature 453, 667-671 (29 May 2008)

Patent Information
Tech ID: 09095
Published: 5/11/2009
Research Tools

Justin Burns
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Rafi Ahmed
Jens Wrammert