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RealConsent: Software for Reducing Violence Against Women


A web-based application directed at college-aged men on behaviors that can reduce violence against women.

Key Benefits
  • An interactive online training program for sexual assault prevention.
  • Aimed at educating college-aged males to change their behavior.
Market Summary

Sexual assault is the most common violent act at universities and it is estimated that a quarter of college woman are victims of sexual assault. Unfortunately, many attacks are committed by college acquaintances and are vastly underreported. Women hold the burden in practicing rape avoidance by employing precautionary efforts. However, these precautions cannot change underlying beliefs that acquaintance sexual assault is less harmful or that consent is implicit when alcohol is involved. These beliefs are external risk factors that must be modified in potential offenders to reduce the incidence of rape. Primary prevention is needed for college men to inform them on sexual assault myths, encourage victim empathy, and provide ways to intervene in sexual assault situations.

Technical Summary

Researchers at Emory have developed RealConsentâ„¢, a 3 hour web-based program for male college students to educate them on violence against women. Each module contains interactive activities that aim to change underlying attitudes and beliefs that increase the propensity for committing sexual assault. There are 6 modules that address topics like informed consent, the role of alcohol, debunking rape myths, increasing empathy for victims, and encouraging intervening behavior. This software enables an interactive learning experience to reduce sexual assault committed by college-aged males.

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Developmental Stage

The training modules are developed and ready to be delivered.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 11199
Published: 7/1/2013

Justin Burns
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Laura Salazar
Jody Kaufman

Women's Health