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Website for Rapid Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus Genome Sequences


Software that rapidly analyzes S. aureus-related sequences, additional tools to compare and identify other known sequences, and a database to store all results.

Key Benefits
  • Analyzes raw data to aid rapidly genotyping and diagnosis of S. aureus infections.
  • Additional tools to produce phylogenetic trees.
  • Can be used as a tool for research, diagnostics, and drug or vaccine development.
Market Summary

Staphylococcus aureus is a major bacterial pathogen that is a leading cause of hospital, community-acquired and animal infections. In fact, each year, approximately 500,000 patients in American hospitals contract a staphylococcal infection. Molecular methods are now the gold standard for surveillance than the slower, culture-based methods. Most diagnostic systems that are currently available only detect the presence of S. aureus but are not intended to diagnose infection or guide therapy.

Technical Summary

Researchers at Emory have developed software tools that analyze raw data from S. aureus genome sequencing projects to aid in the rapid genotyping and diagnosis of staphylococcal infection. The software and its resulting website allows for rapid submission of S. aureus genome sequences that are quickly analyzed to determine whether the sequence is S. aureus and if sequence represents a pure strain or mixed culture. Additional tools would allow the production of a phylogenetic tree based on the provided sequence and other similar sequences as well as the identification of antibiotic resistance for the strain identified or similar strains. The software tools can be used to diagnose and further understand properties of the S. aureus genomes they have sequenced such as antibiotic resistance and virulence. In addition, the software can be used as a research tool for laboratories seeking to confirm their S. aureus strains to known sequences and as a database of clinical S. aureus strains that may be used for drug and vaccine development.

Developmental Stage

Website has been created, is active, and is available for licensing.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 11075
Published: 2/14/2013
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Hyeon (sean) Kim
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Timothy Read
King Jordan
Robert Petit

Microbiology/Infectious Diseases