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Use of Keratinocyte Growth Factor to Improve Systemic and Tissue Antioxidant Capacity In Vivo


Keratinocyte growth factors for the prevention of oxidative stress or damage in the gastrointestinal tract during reduced feeding.

Technical Summary

This invention describes a method for improving the systemic oxidation-reduction state, as well as an improvement of the oxidation-reduction state of the gastrointestinal epithelial cells. This is useful during refeeding after fasting, malnutrition or other stress. Administration of keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) during fasting, malnutrition, a course of chemotherapy or irradiation therapy, or other stress improves systemic antioxidant strains and serves to reduce or prevent oxidative stress or damage in the gastrointestinal tract. We have developed methods that include administering an amount of KGF effective to improve antioxidant status by a suitable means. Desirably, the KGF corresponds in amino acid sequence to that of the animal or human to whom it is administered. Suitable routes

This invention also provides methods for the treatment of medical (or veterinary) conditions so as to improve the general, tissue and systemic antioxidant oxidation status, the conditions including, but not limited to, aging, general malnutrition associated with aging, disease, malabsorption disorders or psychological dysfunction, inflammatory bowel disease, chemotherapy, radiation exposure or therapy, corticosteroid therapy, toxin ingestion, alcoholism and inflammation associated with burns, sepsis, infection or trauma. The oxidation-reduction status can be measured as specifically exemplified herein, by GSH and GSSH concentrations and the calculated GSH redox state ratio in plasma or in a tissue sample of a patient or animal.

Developmental Stage

Proof-of-principle studies in animals completed.

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Utility(parent) United States 09/216,637 6,228,839 12/18/1998 5/8/2001   Issued
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Published: 5/11/2009

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