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The Universal News Center


Database structure and software that automatically collects, displays on a webpage, and distributes via email news stories for an institution.

Key Benefits
  • Easily customizable and robust news aggregator, database, and media delivery software.
  • Faster page loads and publishing capabilities.
  • Able to provide alternative versions of a single story that is dependent on an internal or external audience.
  • Provides an effective tool for centralizing (gathering, curating, organizing, and promoting) stories and content thereby allowing a decentralized organization to express its brand/identity.  
  • Increases efficiency of local unit investments in content development by increasing visibility of content.
  • Provides the ability to tag content to create specific topic feeds of content for mobile display and other uses.
Market Summary

The Content Management System (CMS) market is a very crowded space with dozens of open source and license-based solutions. Automatic aggregators and publishers for university news sites can save time for university administrators while simultaneously allowing the university to present a coherent and comprehensive

Technical Summary

The Universal News Center is a separate, complementary website to the main Emory site and was built using a Cascade Server CMS. It brings together multimedia content and rich visual layouts into a single platform that is easy to create and maintain. Through an array of media channels, it has the ability to reach many audiences and interrelate stories from internal and external sources. The News Center mixes stories from web-based or manual input, makes stories taggable, and allows news to be searched and filtered by story type. In addition, it can provide alternate homepages and versions of a single story to internal and external audiences. To date, 20 unique page designs, 15 content types, 19 data definitions, 7 metadata sets, 29 configuration sets, and 55 asset factories have been built for the system.

Developmental Stage

Product is ready to use as a news center for those with a Cascade Server CMS through Hannon Hill.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 12130
Published: 11/12/2012

Rajsekhar Guddneppanavar
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Janis Gleason
Nancy Seideman
Laurie Hennecy
John Mills IV
Emily Porter
Erica Endicott