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Post-Conditioning Catheter for the Reduction of Reperfusion Injury


Controlled delivery of fluids or drugs; perfusion/reperfusion.

Key Benefits
  • Reperfusion methods to prevent tissue damage.
  • Controlled delivery of blood, fluids, or drugs into the vasculature.
Technical Summary

The construction and use of catheters and related medical devices is well known. Such devices allow for the catheterization of arteries and veins and allow for the expansion of atherosclerotic plaques in an angioplasty procedure. However, current technologies do not allow for controlled delivery of blood and fluids or targeted delivery of drugs, which would be of great use in the development of applied modified perfusion and reperfusion.

The present invention consists of an improved catheter, which permits the controlled delivery of blood, fluids, or drugs alone or in combination into the vasculature, organs, or tissues of a patient. The present invention is also suitable for use in the modified perfusion or reperfusion of the vasculature. Also included are novel reperfusion methods of post-conditioning to prevent tissue damage following myocardial infarction and stroke.

Patent Information
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Tech ID: 01077
Published: 3/26/2009
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Cale Lennon
Director, Licensing
Emory University

Jakob Vinten-Johansen