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Pedigree Software for Tracking Animal Genetics

  • Software tracks and sorts genetic information among animals for transplantation and vaccine studies.
  • Pedigree analysis for animal breeders.
Key Benefits
  • Allows for easy visualization, searching and matching of genetic information such as MHC type.
  • Simplifies the process of setting up animal matings.
  • Built on open source software, allowing the user to custom tailor it to their needs.
Technical Summary

Researchers at Emory University have developed a software program that simplifies monitoring and tracking of an animal's genetic background. Knowledge of genetic background is of particular importance in non-human primate transplant and vaccine studies. A major challenge with transplantation studies is transplant rejection due to differences in major histocompatibility (MHC) types between animals. If the donor and recipient are of different subtypes, the transplant will be recognized as non-self and an immune response will be mounted. As most primates only produce one offspring every 18 months, proper MHC matching and tracking are crucial for every experiment. This technology simplifies the process of MHC compatibility matching. With vaccine studies, different MHC types and polymorphisms can alter susceptibility to viruses and response to vaccines. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately document the MHC types of animals in these studies and the relationships between animals. Beyond MHC information, this software could be used to track any number of genetic traits within a population of animals, making this software of particular utility to animal breeders. Whether the purpose is to increase or decrease genetic diversity in a population of animals, this software simplifies the process of tracking genetic traits and familial relationships for researchers and/or breeders.

Developmental Stage

Software has been designed, copyrighted, and trademarked.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 11067
Published: 10/6/2011
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Cliff Michaels
Assistant Director
Emory University

Leslie Kean
Regina Eady
Christian Larsen
Tim Morris
Sanjay Agravat
Marc Overcash
Syed Ahmad

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