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Isolated cDNA for the Human a 1d Subtype Adrenergic Receptor


Study of adrenergic receptor disease; drug development.

Technical Summary

The diagnosis and treatment of Adrenergic Receptor (AR) diseases has been confounded by the variety of AR subtypes. Drs. Esbenshade and Minneman have successfully cloned the human Alpha 1d AR subtype, which is specific for cardiovascular tissue. This new clone will facilitate a better understanding of cardiovascular AR disease and provide a means for developing improved pharmaceuticals to manage the disease.

Clinicians do not always appreciate the disparate efficacy of AR receptor pharmaceuticals. Drs. Esbenshade and Minneman have demonstrated that the binding affinities of certain pharmaceutical compounds for different AR subtypes varies markedly.

This new cardiovascular tissue specific AR receptor permits the identification of pharmaceutical agents that should be highly selective in the treatment and management of cardiovascular AR related diseases.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 96008
Published: 2/24/2009
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Justin Burns
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Tim Esbenshade
Thomas Murphy
Kenneth Minneman