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Endoscopic Hand Assist Device for Urinary Incontinence


A surgical instrument providing improved long-term peri-urethral placement of bulking agents in women suffering from urinary incontinence.

Key Benefits
  • Improved standard of injection technique that produces more reproducible outcomes and better long-term success for urethral bulking agents.
  • Precise triangular placement of separated bulking agent cushions that prevents leakage due to technical aspects of the injection.
Market Summary

Urinary incontinence is a condition that has been found to be more prevalent among women and older people. Bulking agent therapy has been used for over 15 years to treat urinary incontinence. However, it has been reported that many patients need repeat injections within three to five years after the initial injection due to leakage. This flaw is thought to be a result of the technical aspects of the injection that result in leakage along the needle track or a puncture site rather than a failure of the bulking agent.

Technical Summary

Researchers at Emory University have created a device that provides the surgeon with a guidance system to help improve the technical aspects of the injection. This device provides a guide for peri-urethral injection of the bulking agent to minimize the possibility of needle puncture into the urethral epithelium. It also creates a longer needle track to discourage leakage and provides and improved standardized technique of injection that produces reproducible outcomes. The device divides the urethra into three distinct regions allowing the injection of three separate bulking agent cushions that will prevent leakage from one region to another.

Developmental Stage

Initial prototype has been developed.

Patent Information
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Nationalized PCT - United States United States 13/388,695 9,061,121 8/3/2010 6/23/2015 8/31/2031
EP Registered Country France 10807014.5 2461850 8/3/2010 10/8/2014 8/3/2030
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EP Registered Country United Kingdom 10807014.5 2461850 8/3/2010 10/8/2014 8/3/2030
Divisional United States 14/734,087 6/9/2015    
Tech ID: 08043
Published: 10/30/2014
Medical Device

Justin Burns
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Niall Galloway
James Galloway