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Device and Methods for Local Drug Delivery


A device for the local delivery of a drug.

Technical Summary

One of the most complex and difficult problems that has plagued the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry for decades is the problem of achieving a therapeutic concentration of a drug locally at a target site within the body without producing unwanted systemic side effects. Parenteral or oral therapy of substances directed at treating disease in a particular internal organ must often be given in amounts dependent upon achieving critical systemic blood levels that can produce devastating side effects at other areas in the body. A prime example of a situation where local therapy is needed with drugs that also produce unwanted systemic side effects is the prevention of complications following the placement of a cardiovascular prosthetic device such as a prosthetic vascular graft, patch, or stent used to repair a damaged vessel.

This invention relates to a device for the local delivery of a substance into a natural tissue conduit to a predetermined site, e.g., a blood vessel, and to methods of therapy utilizing the device. In particular, the invention relates to local delivery of a drug into the boundary layer of fluid flowing through a natural tissue conduit, thereby reducing the amount of drug needed to achieve a therapeutic concentration at a predetermined site.

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Continuation United States 08/660,203 5,709,874 6/3/1996 1/20/1998 6/3/2016
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Published: 7/22/2010
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Hyeon (Sean) Kim
Licensing Associate
Emory University

Neal Scott
Spencer King, III
Laurence Harker
Stephen Hanson

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