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Computer-controlled Pellet Dispenser with Microchip Reader


Records the ID and time of food consumption of individual members in a group.

Key Benefits
  • Records food (pellet) intake by individual members of a group 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Uses a basic PC computer, AVID microchip ID reader, any AVID and fecava coded microchips, and a simple Visual Basic program.
  • Computer is controlled remotely by VNC software.
Technical Summary

This technology consists of a computer-controlled pellet dispenser with a microchip reader. An AVID 6" ring antenna is located directly in front of the dispenser opening and scans the ID of individual members of a group that reach into the pellet dispenser cup. Microchips must be embedded into the forearms of each animal in order to allow identification of an individual in a group.

As the monkey's hand reaches under the ring antenna, a single pellet drops into a custom made cup through a clear polypropylene tube. A computer records the ID of the individual and outputs a log of ID numbers and the time they were recorded using a basic software program. The computer can be controlled remotely using VNC software.

Developmental Stage

This technology has been developed and is in use.

Patent Information
Tech ID: 08119
Published: 2/24/2009
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Cliff Michaels
Assistant Director
Emory University

Mark Wilson
Kim Wallen
Andrew Fischer

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