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Mobile Application for Remote Screening of Abdominal Pain
ApplicationMobile application and program to remotely identify and assess severity of tenderness and abdominal pain.Key BenefitsAllows physician to replicate physical abdominal exam remotely.Eliminates distance barrier, increasing access to medical service.Potentially reduces need for in-person visits and costs.Market SummaryAbdominal (or stomach) ...
Published: 12/4/2017       Inventor(s): Alexander Weiss, David Myers, Wilbur Lam
Microfluidic Device for Increased Viral Transduction Efficiency
ApplicationMicrofluidic chip device for facilitating high throughput viral transduction for gene therapy applications.Key BenefitsImproves surface-to-volume ratio, allowing more efficient contact between lentiviruses and cellsIncreases efficiency while maintaining cell viability of traditional methods.Enables gene transfer for non-adherent cells.Co...
Published: 2/7/2017       Inventor(s): Reginald Tran, Wilbur Lam, David Myers, Christopher Doering, H. Trent Spencer
High Throughput Individual Platelet Nanomechanical Contraction Device
Application A microfluidic device for the measurement and quantification of the mechanical forces that occur during clot formation for use in hematology research or for diagnostic purposes. Key Benefits Is capable of measuring platelet-platelet interactions at the single cell level that is not possible with current tools. Facilitates quick & ...
Published: 4/29/2014       Inventor(s): David Myers, Wilbur Lam, Yongzhi Qiu
Microfluidic Device for Delivery of Therapeutics into Cells
Application Microfluidic slide with individual cell holders for use in microinjection procedures. Key Benefits Open system - compatible with other microinjection technologies and existing research instrumentation. Compatible with both adherent and non-adherent cells. Enables high-throughput and high-precision delivery of substances into cells, s...
Published: 7/12/2012       Inventor(s): Wilbur Lam, David Myers, Zhengchun Peng, Gang Bao
Microfluidic Cell Holder Device for the Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to Cells
Application A platform technology to be used to effectively deliver select agents to cells. Key Benefits Optimizes the in vitro and ex vivo delivery of factors to the nuclei of individual cells. Minimizes the risk of cell damage associated with traditional electroporation techniques. Technical Summary Emory investigators have created a cell hol...
Published: 8/4/2011       Inventor(s): Wilbur Lam, David Myers, Zhengchun Peng, Gang Bao